Get Apache Server Status w/ mod_status

By sbondo1234 on 9 February, 2020

Using mod_status

  1. Enable the mod in your config

    Find mod_status in your apache config file, by default it is commented out with a #. Just simply remove this.

    LoadModule status_module modules/
  2. Setup access point

    Now you are going to have to setup out access point, for this we will just make a <Location> in an appropriate config.

    <Location /server-status>
      SetHandler server-status
      Require ip 192.168
  3. Access it

    This example is inside of a virtual host that is pointed to so, we can access the server-status by going to in our web browser.

    You are also able to use to refresh the page every 5 seconds, of course you can change 5 to anything you want.

    The example is also requiring the ip accessing the page to be one from the local network where the server is be being run, however it is up to you if you want to keep it that way.

What it looks like