Placing Trees in Eden Editor

By sbondo1234 on 17 October, 2018

How Would I Do This?

To add a tree you first have to place down a game logic wherever you please and copy the code below into it:

_tree = createSimpleObject ["TREE NAME", [X,Y,Z]];

Once you have the code in there you are going to have to edit some things before your tree will be placed:

First, you are going to want to add the tree name you want from the list below and replace it with ‘TREE NAME’ in the code.

Secondly, you want to find the coordinates of the place you want the tree to be placed, to do this you can place down a random object, open it up and copy the X & Y from it and put it in the code. The ‘Z’ for the trees are a bit weird, you will have to experiment for each tree you place, I would start with 5 and if the tree is in the ground make the ‘Z’ bigger and if it’s in the sky, lower the ‘Z’ value.

I have put the different trees below and what they look like so you don’t have to manually try every one to see which you like. I have also put the ‘Z’ value that worked for me so you can use that first as a base value to start from, It won’t always work but it will make it a bit easier for you.

Types of Trees

Note: The Z value is the one I used so you can start off with that before changing it higher or lower. ( Don’t put the speech marks in the line of code ).


"a3\plants_f\Tree\t_BroussonetiaP1s_F.p3d" : Z = 5


"a3\plants_f\Tree\t_FicusB1s_F.p3d" : Z = 5


"a3\plants_f\Tree\t_FicusB2s_F.p3d" : Z = 6.5


"a3\plants_f\Tree\t_FraxinusAV2s_F.p3d" : Z = 13.5


"a3\plants_f\Tree\t_OleaE1s_F.p3d": Z = 6.5


"a3\plants_f\Tree\t_OleaE2s_F.p3d": Z = 7


"a3\plants_f\Tree\t_PhoenixC1s_F.p3d" : Z = 5.5


"a3\plants_f\Tree\t_PhoenixC3s_F.p3d": Z = 11


"a3\plants_f\Tree\t_PinusP3s_F.p3d": Z = 7


"a3\plants_f\Tree\t_PinusS1s_F.p3d": Z = 5.5


"a3\plants_f\Tree\t_PinusS2s_b_F.p3d": Z = 10


"a3\plants_f\Tree\t_PinusS2s_F.p3d": Z = 9


"a3\plants_f\Tree\t_poplar2f_dead_F.p3d": Z = 10


"a3\plants_f\Tree\t_PopulusN3s_F.p3d": Z = 17


"a3\plants_f\Tree\t_QuercusIR2s_F.p3d": Z = 11