Removing or Adding Items

By sbondo1234 on 22 October, 2018

Adding Items

You can use the commands below to start adding Items to players. Of course, you can change ‘player’ to whatever you want as long as you define it first.

Inside of the Speech Marks, you will put classnames for the items you want to be added to the player.

player addHeadgear "classname goes here";
player addUniform "classname goes here";
player addVest "classname goes here";
player addBackpack "classname goes here";
player addGoggles "classname goes here"; //You use this command for face wear as well

Removing Items

Removing items from players is very similar, you can simply use one of the commands below to remove specific items. You can still change ‘player’ to whatever you want, as long as it is defined!

removeAllWeapons player;
removeAllItems player;
removeAllAssignedItems player;
removeUniform player;
removeVest player;
removeBackpack player;
removeHeadgear player;
removeGoggles player;