Populating Combo Boxes in C#

By sbondo1234 on 21 June, 2019

Step 1 - Creating It

Of course the first step if to Create your combo box and assign it an appropriate Name.

Step 2 - Adding Items

I put all of the things I wanted into a string array for easy accessibility and readability. My code is set out like this:

Categories = new string[9];
Categories[0] = "Action";
Categories[1] = "Adventure";
Categories[2] = "Comedy";
Categories[3] = "Crime";
Categories[4] = "Drama";
Categories[5] = "Horror";
Categories[6] = "Science fiction";
Categories[7] = "Thriller";
Categories[8] = "Western";

The first line Categories = new string[9]; is initialising the string array and declaring how many different variables or ‘things’ are going to be in it.

The 2-10 lines are just adding the different words/variables into the string array.

The very last line adds every option in the string array into the combo box. Since we are adding it through a string array we need to use .AddRange otherwise we would have an error as it would only expect one input.