How To Show Info On Hover With ToolTip C#

By sbondo1234 on 29 June, 2019

Step 1 - Add The Control

In the toolbox search for “ToolTip” and plop it onto your form. It isn’t something you put directly on your form, but instead it will just sit at the bottom in a little box.

You can click on it and edit it’s properties.

Step 2 - Add Info

Click on the control you want to display info about, and find “ToolTip on < ToolTip Name >”. In the box next to it you can type out the information you want to display when someone hovers over it.

Change Colours (Optional)

  1. Click onto the ToolTip at the bottom and change the colours in the properties menu.

  2. Set OwnerDraw, in the same menu, to True.

  3. On the ToolTip go to events and make the Draw event.

  4. Paste the following into the event you just made:

    e.DrawBorder(); // <-- can remove this line to remove border