Hide Scrollbar CSS

By sbondo1234 on 27 April, 2019


If you have some elements on your page that are causing a scrollbar to appear, but you would prefer them not to you can use some easy code in CSS to stop it from happening.

You can use this trick on the specific tag or you can disable the scrollbar fully by putting it in the body tag.


To hide the scrollbars you can use the overflow value in CSS.

overflow = refers to both scrollbars overflowX = refers to bottom scrollbar / side scrollbar overflowY = refers to scrollbar on the right / down scrollbar With that said we can move on to the values that different overflow can carry.

hidden = hides the scrollbar visible = shows scrollbar (default) scroll = always shows scrollbar no matter what auto = shows whichever scrollbars it needs to Alright, now that you know each value you can use with overflow I will show you an example of disabling the scrollbar for the whole page:

<body style="overflow: hidden;">