How To Solve CSS Not Updating In Your Browser

By sbondo1234 on 15 May, 2019


If you are having problems getting your browser to update CSS on your web page then this post will definitely help you. There are mainly two different methods I will be showing you.

Method 1 - Clearing Cache

If you press F12, you now be able to right click on the refresh button and click the last option which is Empty Cache & Hard Reload.

Alternatively you can press Control + Shift + R.

Method 2 - Query Strings

This method is barely used by me because normally the first method works. Only if the top method fails I will decide to do this.

This requires adding something which is known as a Query String to the end of the filename you used to link your style sheet.

When you are done it should look something like this:

<link rel="stylesheet" href="styles.css?v=1"/>

Every time you have a problem with your CSS not updating you can just update the number or change it to something random and your browser will be forced to update your CSS.